Students of FTDi Profile: Vinita Chumsri

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Wondering what your B. Creative Intelligence and Innovation course will entail? We talked to #BCII student Vinita Chumsri on her experience as a first-year, and what to expect for your first Winter School:

“At first, I had no idea what BCII was going to entail, everyone who I spoke to all explained their experiences differently, but the words “hectic, intense and full-on” kept popping up! Nevertheless, all of them described BCII with a smile on their faces whilst chuckling. At the time, my mindset of BCII was always going to be based on how my communications degree ran. But, by the end of Winter school my opinion completely changed! It’s hard to put into words my experience because my mind was running over a hundred thoughts per hour. Every day of Winter school was different, and there was not one day I felt like I was going to uni. We had way more autonomy to creatively and critically think, especially in Summer school where we focused more on problem solving methods than solutions. This whole first year experience of BCII has been transformative on so many levels.

My favourite [industry challenge] would definitely be from ZenithMedia/SBS Australia; it was literally how they quoted it “an innovation sprint!” We had about a day to find a solution with the help of Zenith Media, who taught us problem-framing, disruption methodology, and ideation techniques. It was the most challenging, but the most rewarding test for me. It was during this challenge that I came up with a number of epiphanies literally an hour before our pitch. This challenge really gave me the opportunity to think outside the box and ideate methods and processes which I never knew I could come up with.

BCII is so worth it! There’s always a great mix of surprises. One day we’re attending workshops on all the disciplines, the next we’re making a web of 400 beautiful questions in a lecture room. I never thought I was able to remember things that I have learnt for only two weeks, but little did I know, two weeks would make such a huge impact on my everyday thinking. I have gained mind shifting knowledge that has given me the opportunity to kick start my own start-up. The BCII environment is incredible, honestly “no idea is a bad idea.” Everyone is so driven and inspired; having the chance to learn from and grow with my peers has been a priceless opportunity.

I think BCII would stand for Big Challenging Interdisciplinary Inventions. I think all those words, represent BCII pretty well.”

- Vinita Chumsri, B. Communications (Social Political Sciences)/B. Creative Intelligence and Innovation.  #StudentsofFTDI

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