Wearables spark innovation investment from Commbank

Posted by Francine Crimmims

The Australian Financial Review has reported many Australian healthcare organisations are under pressure from unforseen innovation which has disrupted their business models. It is leading many companies to shift from a model relying on government funding to one focused on the needs of their cosumers. 

Wearable are leading the way in this shift, with the Commonwealth Bank identifying half their customers transactions are being conducted digitally. It's estimated up to 80% of log ins to their site is coming from mobile devices. 

A spokesperson from the bank told the Australian Financial Review:
"As a bank, we have had to adapt and innovate to meet changing customer demands in a relatively short period. We believe our innovation experience is something we can share with the health sector, as we have addressed similar challenges in areas such as cultural change, trust, security and data. We have also learnt that innovation requires collaboration and bringing together a range of capabilities to solve problems. This is what we aim to do in the health sector with our clients and stakeholders."

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